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"Yoga is a Divine gift and the opportunity to practice it is a blessing."

-- David Swenson

Pure Classical Pilates (Mat)

Sculpt, tone and most importantly, strengthen your “core” as well as working the legs, arms and back muscles with moves taught in the traditional Pilates method. These specific moves and sequences will firm up and strengthen all key stomach and abdominal muscles for better posture, a sleeker waistline and improved overall health. As Joseph Pilates said, “These exercises are for THE BODY.” You’ll look and feel great!

Basic Yoga

Begin your introduction to yoga with the focus centered on basic postures, breathing techniques and alignment. This class is perfect for the beginning or "exploratory" yoga student, as well as anyone who is looking to refresh their practice and re-explore the foundations of yoga. No advanced postures will be undertaken in this class and no prior yoga experience required.  

Pilates Mat Express and NOW -- Sun Salutations Express!

Perfect for beginners or any existing practioners who may be short on time and budget, and anyone just looking to add even MORE Pilates or Yoga practices in their week! We can still get a LOT done in 1/2 an hour or 45 minutes! Those brand new to Pilates or Yoga may want to consider at least one or two full sessions first to get the basics down so we can really flow through the express class!

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

This fluid movement class consists of traditional yoga postures performed in a flowing form to create a sequence with one posture transitioning into the next, creating a graceful, unique “dance” of yoga. 

Ashtanga-Inspired Yoga

Sometimes refered to as "Power Yoga," this class follows moves in the Ashtanga Method but incorporates Vinyasa flow and sequences.

Step-by-Step Sun Salutations

This class focuses solely on introducing the student to Sun Salutations, the cornerstone of most Asana practices. You will be acquainted with the basic moves, specifically the breakdown of Vinyasa (the flowing moves in the Salutations). This class is a great beginner or review sequence but also a wonderful class on its own!