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"Nothing is impossible when heart and mind are set to purpose."

-- Spartacus

Pilates/Yoga Fusion

This fun, diverse class offers the best of both Pure Classical Pilates Mat and Basic Yoga but incorporates props such as bands, weights, weighted balls and the Pilates Magic Circle to make every class different, exciting, challenging and limitless in possibilities! I guarantee you will never be bored and will always find a fresh way to experience class!

Special Needs Yoga

I believe everyone, no matter their circumstances, can practice yoga. Please visit the "Slow, Soothing Yoga" tab of this website. Thank you.

Pre- & Post-Natal Yoga & Pilates

Any of the classes listed here are excellent to help keep new mothers and mothers-to-be feeling fit, strong, healthy and refreshed. All can be modified or tailored to each individual's comfort level.

Iron Yoga (Stretch and Strengthen)

This fun, fresh program incorporates light weights (1-3 pounds) to your Yoga routine to add an element of bone strengthening exercise that is perfect for anyone who wants to tone and firm as well as for women who are at the age where keeping bones strong is the key to good health. Some knowledge of Yoga is preferred but not at all required.

"Unwind Your Spine" - Gentle Restorative Yoga

This gentle, restorative class is performed mainly on the mat and consists of stretches, soothing movements and breathing techniques that provide more flexibility to the spine and muscles. By participating, you are allowing for a feeling of length, looseness and ease to increase in the body. Perfect for anyone who sits at a desk all day or just needs to feel more fluidity and relaxation throughout the body.

Gentle Seated Yoga

EVERYONE can practice yoga! This unique program uses a chair as a prop to assist those who would like to discover yoga but need modification due to injury, limited range of motion or age. The class consists of twists, stretches and true yoga poses where the only limit is your imagination.

Senior Fitness

Along with Seated and Gentle Yoga, I offer sessions where student can stretch, move, strengthen and renew or find a love of fitness! The aim is to reduce frailty and reduce fall risk.